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by Luna vega October 04, 2018

On this edition of That Crypto Hustle, we had a great conversation with the head of Growth at Blockport and Blockchain Marketing Agency owner Pascal Van Steen.

Pascal and Blockport gained popularity by selling out tokens in a matter of 15 minutes.  The feat was so impressive that popular Cryptocurrency website Hacked.com did a feature on them stating how The Blockport ICO pre-sale began on January 3rd and ended within 3 minutes reaching the team’s goal of 1666 ETH.

Pascal credits their success on the timing of their launch, which they did on peak season, and how their affiliated proposition of having an easy-to-use crypto exchange resonated with a lot of people.  He also recognized how Facebook worked very well for them and how they were able to generate custom audiences from their LinkedIn connections as important factors in the company’s resurgence.

He also detailed how the initial traction they got were mostly got generated by their partnership with ARK that had a large community where they were allowed to do an AMA.

Pascal also stressed the importance of spending more time building the community and raising awareness through different outlets since they can't run ads on Facebook anymore.  He also advised against doing a token sale at this point since it’s going to be difficult to sell out because the sentiment is just not there.

He also gave his insights on tapping into influencers and how they even paid for some.  Though they did great work, the sentiment just wasn’t there anymore to make the investment worthwhile.  He also recommended going with smaller meetups than bigger conferences especially when your company is just starting out.  

He also advised to how finding ways to circumvent the Facebook ad blockages can also help.  In their case, they ran a viral contest where the top 500 would get priority access to their beta platform.  They also gave away BPT for the top 100 which helped them gain the traction they needed.


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🚀 Time-stamps!

00:55: Selling out tokens in 15 minutes

01:40: How they made traction and made things possible

02:17: What they did to build momentum around the launch

04:26: How they did things differently to get similar results considering the drastic changes

04:51: What they recommend companies do to raise funds today

06:27: Marketing strategies today they consider successful

12:35: The importance of tapping into influencers

19:57: Status of the company over the last few months

21:44: When they will release a product


Find: Pascal Van Steen

Website: https://blockport.io/

Twitter: @blockportio

Facebook: /blockport


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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