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by Luna vega November 14, 2018

Matt Nguyen is passionate about companies building meaningful communities within the crypto and blockchain space. In fact, he is the co-founder of Chainfuel - which boasts the tagline “Behind every great crypto project is a great community.”

Matt first heard about Bitcoin in 2010, but didn’t hop on the investment train until 2013. After that, he fell into the crypto rabbit hole - jumping into several Crypto projects, including Ethereum. In 2017 those projects turned to profit when Matt decided to pursue a career in the industry.

Fascinated by the technology, and noting that crypto projects are dependent upon communities - Matt found his niche: creating useful tools for companies to effectively create and leverage on their networks.

The Crypto community has essentially adopted Telegram as its method for finding groups of like-minded individuals. Telegram is largely used by ICOs to launch their products and services, and it is one of the most powerful networks in the crypto space. Matt attributes this to the integration of APIs within the platform. To date, billions of dollars have been raised through the app.

This, however, is not without its challenges. Groups on Telegram can be quite chaotic and sometimes fail to foster crucial conversations with regards to projects. As such, ICOs have to strike a balance between passing on information and providing a space for community engagement.

Social media may have offered up a platform where communities could come together - but for those wanting more legit data on activities, the plague of bots and fake users can be frustrating. This isn’t an issue with ChainFuel. Companies can get in-depth statistics and metrics through their in-house proprietary bot. They also have what Matt calls the ‘7 Pillar Outline’ that has strategies on how to start Telegram groups.

Are you looking to launch a group of your own without  spam and scams getting in your way? Check out Matt's website ChainFuel  and start your crypto journey.


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🚀 Time Stamps!

01:40 How Matt got into the Crypto space

03:24 MakerDAO, favorite community case study

05:05 Telegram Messaging software

07:01 Telegram’s possible future

08:10 KYC

09:27 Finding projects of Telegram

11:22 How Chainfuel works to create genuine communities

13:07 Telegram Channels Vs Groups

14:38 Chainfuel strategies in starting Telegram groups

20:15 Discord Vs Telegram

21:26 Marketing budget is critical

22:33 Telegram’s scalable airdrops and bounty

23:30 Starting out with Facebook and other major platforms

25:30 Implications of social features on Telegram

28:30 Importance of technical skills

32:16 Currencies going digital

33:40 Bridging the regulation/anti-regulation gap

35:22 Banks coming into the scene

37:11 Devcon

40:50 Chainfuel and Matt’s social media accounts

42:01 Before launching ICOs..

43:13 Analytical bots


Find: Matt Nguyen

Website: https://www.chainfuel.com/

Instagram @Chainfuel

Facebook: /ChainFuel

Telegram: @mattnguyen


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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