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by Luna vega October 04, 2018


Wondering where you can get a hold of Today on That Crypto Hustle, we spoke all about airdrops with Kurt Braget from White Rabbit ICO.

For the noobs: What are airdrops?

Airdrops, according to Kurt, are “when companies that have tokens, give them away for free to their users (in exchange for a sign-up) and these often have some kind of monetary value - generally dollars.” It’s a marketing tool for ICOs, but it is also a good way for users to learn more about new projects and receive tokens.


How does one find an airdrop?

Finding airdrops can be a time-consuming endeavor. Kurt suggests to periodically Google for airdrops in order to keep up with any new developments. At the moment, he’s interested in EOS airdrops - so much so that he built EOSAirdrops.co, a site that tracks every single EOS airdrop. His site isn’t the only one out there, in fact, there are many - including EOSAirdrops.io.

Reddit is another good resource for finding airdrops. Not only are airdrops announced on Reddit, but tokens are also released there. Reddit is essentially an unofficial announcement board. Airdrop announcements can be across several different subreddits, so it is necessary to search for the most recent announcements.

And, finally, Twitter. Sometimes the first mention of a new airdrop is revealed on Twitter, so search relevant hashtags and hope to stumble on something good.


What about the lazy airdrop enthusiasts, how do they find airdrops?

Use a virtual assistant service. All you have to do is send them the message:  “Collect this airdrop for me”, or “Go and check if there are any airdrops for me”. Kurt runs a V.A. service called Twinsy.io - where you pay a fee and a V.A. will constantly collect airdrops for you.

One thing to note: airdrops are not grand, money-making ventures. People aren’t likely to make any sort of large monetary gain from them. That’s why Kurt treats them like a game that is all about “collecting a lot of them at a very close cost”  without disrupting his own time.

So, you’ve found an airdrop, what next?

There are many different ways to receive an airdrop, but the general process is receiving tokens through a wallet. For example, with EOS - most of the tokens are launched on the EOS blockchains. So, with an EOS-compatible wallet, you can collect any token built on EOS.

W hen you have an EOS wallet, you have an EOS address. This address is public, kind of like an email. You can think of this wallet as an address where different tokens can send you stuff. Sometimes you may not see the what you’ve been sent. But it will eventually come on the radar. But if you want to check what you have in your wallet, just go to a block explorer for EOS and paste in your public address - the explorer will show you what tokens you have there.

Kurt’s final note: If you’re a beginner, start with EOS airdrops. Many are coming out soon and EOS is going to grow fast.



00:58: What are airdrops?

02:04: The best way to find airdrops

03:37: Airdrop hack

04:50: Airdrops won’t make you rich

06:02: The airdrop process

08:12: Airdrops are done on a ratio

10:19: Airdrop analogy

12:36: Where to start?


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