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by Luna vega November 28, 2018

On the latest episode of That Crypto Hustle, Thessy Mehrain joined us to tackle the very real issue of representation in blockchain.

Thessy Mehrain is nothing short of a blockchain powerhouse. In a space dominated by men, Thessy managed to not only break into the world of blockchain, but rise to positions of leadership and influence. She is the Director of Global Product and Innovation for ConsenSys - a venture production studio which aims to grow the Ethereum network and introduce the world to the magic of blockchain and tokenization.

Thessy is passionate about diversity and creating a world where everyone has a voice. It was this passion that lead her to found Women in Blockchain, where she advocated for the participation of women in various blockchain communities. The passion did not stop there. Currently, Thessy is a co-contributor to Liquality.io - which is all about liquidity and equality, as the name cleverly suggests. It is a protocol that seeks to allow everyone to exchange value with anyone. At the moment, it is in the very early stages, but it will undoubtedly lead to a more diverse future.

From her humble beginnings working at a startup, Thessy began to think about access. Who would be able to access her digital library? The internet was full of promise, considering it was the first decentralized technology on a large scale.  She envisioned the internet as something that would provide access to everyone - which has proven to be partially true. But it can also be corporate and excluding.

“We as a human species should ensure that everybody has the basics” Thessy says. This is why Thessy has dived in head-first with blockchain. It represents another chance to create more equality and inclusion - and we have the power to stay on track this time.

Tune in to learn more about Thessy’s ardent support for inclusive rights and how women can not only join, but slay, in the blockchain ecosystem.


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🚀 Time-stamps!

01:13   About Thessy and her organisation

02:26 How Thessy got into blockchain

07:42 How to drive women and minorities into the blockchain space

09:54 Understanding the opportunities in the ecosystem

12:26 The notion of power

13:50 How did Women in Blockchain begin?

16:52 Connecting with women in blockchain via social media

20:36 What’s next for Women in Blockchain?

22:09 Supporting women


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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