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by Luna vega February 26, 2019


The market is just now starting to mature out of a speculative environment closely resembling that of a digital wild west economy into an industry that sees more structure, regulatory coherence, and less shady projects hitting the scene and deceiving investors.

Throughout the course of the last year and change, the cryptocurrency market saw rapid growth and then a steep decline into what is now over a yearlong bear market. We’re sure that almost all projects that raised funds in 2017 and 2018, as well as retail investors, can smell the sweet scent of market brutality in the air.  

But, what can change the market pendulums direction? Many anticipate that increased attention from institutional investors and more coherent regulations will pave the way for increased crypto adoption and provide a boost for the market. The aforementioned has led to a rise in popularity for STO’s (Security Token Offerings).

Tokens issued during an STO qualify as securities, meaning that they are backed by actual assets or equity of a company. When compared to the process of launching an ICO, STO’s are more complex and expensive to establish. However, they are moving the market towards a more regulated environment. This move towards increased regulation is somewhat splitting the market into two camps.

On one side we have those that reject increased regulation due to the idea that it may hamper decentralization and innovation, while on the other side we have individuals that see incoming regulations as a growth serum for total capitalization. Today we sit down for a discussion with Chris Eberle, the Chief Operating Officer at SWARM for insight as to how we can push for innovation in a highly regulated STO Blockchain environment.


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🚀 Time-stamps!

01:46 Leaving Facebook for the Blockchain industry.

02:54 Starting out with SWARM

04:38 Crypto Winter survival tips for companies

07:05 ELI5 what is SWARM?

10:30 How does someone go about using SWARM?

12:02 What is the Market Access Protocol?

14:29 Which Blockchain is the backbone for SWARM?

17:10 Whose working with SWARM?

18:27 Tokenizing explained

20:17 Are third parties a necessary evil?

23:09 Compliance in favor of privacy?

24:43 STO’s vs ICO’s

30:21 How SWARM aids innovation in a regulated environment

36:27 What 2019 has in store


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Website:  https://www.swarm.fund

Twitter: @theswarmfund  @ginger

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/swarmalliance/


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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