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by Luna vega October 02, 2018


On this episode of That Crypto Hustle, we interviewed OptiToken CEO and cryptocurrency veteran Sean Donato. Sean discovered Bitcoin very early on while reading the economist. He was immediately hooked.

In this interview, Sean shared his insights and predictions on overall market correction based on his personal experience. There are a plethora of legitimate projects beyond Bitcoin, which can be viable investments. He believes consumer shouldn't rely solely on regulations when detecting scam projects & urges us to do our own research.  It all depends on our personal risk tolerance. He advised going to conferences and consuming as much content as possible (like this podcast) to learn about each different projects.

Sean also shared his opinion about various projects such as Ripple, ETH, etc... and what he hopes the future will hold. He encourages us to start getting acquainted with Cryptocurrency / Blockchain as a hobby, just like he did. Eventually, the thrill of earning money resonated with him and pushed him to get more involved.

If you would like to learn from a Veteran like Sean, listen to this episode, as he encourages us to get started and scaling from there.

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🚀 Time-stamps!

00:39 How Sean discovered bitcoin

02:58 What advice can he share with noobies

04:05 Sean's current prediction about the market

07:15 His opinion on what can lessen scams.  More regulation or more research on people’s part

08:48 Best place to find info to avoid consuming fake news

10:51 His opinion about Ripple

13:34 His thoughts on Ethereum

15:33 The vision behind OptiToken

20:21 How he learned about trading

26:34 How Cryptocurrency market was like in 2014

Find: Sean Donato

Website: https://optitoken.io/

Twitter: @OptiToken

Facebook: /Optitoken


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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