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by Luna vega November 22, 2018

In this episode of That Crypto Hustle, Crypto Entrepreneur & YouTuber OJ Jordan joins us to discuss the likelihood of making profits with Bitcoin in 2019.

We discussed the chances of Bitcoin re-testing the $20K mark and even higher. We also take a moment to pay homage to the 10-year anniversary of the original Bitcoin Whitepaper. Overall, OJ feels hopeful for 2019 and feels institutional investors will help reshape the cryptocurrency market. We also speculate reasons why Bitcoin took such a massive hit in 2018.

If you are looking for the most insightful, hype-free analysis as we approach 2019, tune in now. You will also learn how OJ Jordan took an interest in Bitcoin in 2013 and has since become a successful trader, crypto blogger, and all-round Bitcoin guru.


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02:47: A recap of how tough this year has been for Bitcoin

03:32: Bitcoin Google search trends and what these mean for prices

05:16: Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin?

07:03: When will 2017’s FOMO investors bail?

10:06: Are prices being artificially kept down?

19:07: Discussion on Bitcoin Cash. Is BCH still decentralized?

20:21: Intrinsic value & Bitcoin

21:39: How OJ Jordan got involved with crypto

26:16: How to invest in Bitcoin without buying whole coins

31:20: Bitcoin & censorship resistance

34:16: Altcoin hype, price peaks & disappearances

36:13: Quantum computing and evolving crypto beyond the blockchain


Find: OJ Jordan

Twitter: @busyjordy

Youtube: /OJJordan

Instagram: @busyjordy


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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