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by Luna vega October 30, 2018

We had a refreshing interview with JustLearnCrypto.com founder Shawn Hebert. In this episode, we covered a range of topics with Shawn giving us insight into how his life shaped him up for his Crypto Hustle. He first heard of Crypto in 2015 through MLM meetings but it wouldn’t be until 2016 that he’d get involved.

Shawn talked of his stint selling Netcoin Virtual ATMs and how his hustling off Netcoin raised the idea of digitalizing teaching on crypto, leading up to the birth of JustLearnCrypto.   

He also spoke of the Crypto space at this time and how lack of sufficient info on cryptos contributed to the fall of Bitcoin. He discussed how the Crypto community can help in creating mass adoption of Crypto.

On the future of Crypto and Blockchain, he believes the confusion in the technology will give way to a more mature adoption. He also believes mainstream media has hugely contributed to the bear markets by giving counter information.

Shawn’s life has richly contributed to his involvement in Crypto. In this interview, he reveals how he lives almost entirely on Crypto and how Crypto and fiat will eventually work once everything balances out.

He believes the bear markets will eventually help point out the real investors in the technology. He also gave hints on diversifying on earning through Crypto.

How can you use your life experiences and skills to turn around your life by applying them to Crypto? Hop in and let Shawn show you an example through his.


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🚀 Time Stamps!

02:07 How Shawn joined the Crypto world

05:19 Selling virtual ATMs at Netcoin

09:30 Insights gained from selling Netcoin ATMs

11:52 Birth of JustLearnCrypto

13:00 Ordinary people gave Bitcoin life

13:57 Walking people on doing Crypto right

14:58 How community can help create mass adoption

15:26 We are right where we should be with Crypto prices

17:07 Confusion and new technologies

19:17 ideal scinerio for Crypto and Blockchain future

22:33 Living almost entirely on Crypto

23:07 Living a Crypto at a time

27:21 Getting things move forward as a community

28:40 Crypto in December

29:16 News and bear markets problem

33:03 Flees in jar analogy

34:24 Not your money not your coin

36:49 JustLearnCrypto partnership with McAfee Alliance

37:55 Crypto and MLM

40:10 Bear markets separating the chaff

41:18 diversifying making money through Crypto

42:21 Making it big through crypto

43:47 JustLearnCypto give away


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Twitter: @justlearncrypto

Facebook:  /justlearncrypto

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Luna vega
Luna vega

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