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by Luna vega October 04, 2018

On today's epidsode of That Crypto Hustle, we had a really interesting conversation with Elementus Co-founder and Head of Business Development Mike Kalomeni.

Mike and I kicked things off by talking about his time as a rocket scientist for Airbus to eventually finding his way to Cryptocurrency.  

He also let us in on some of the things that went behind the scenes in the development of the Token Sale Infographic that they came up with at Elementus which became viral after showing every token sale that successfully raised at least $100,000, from the beginning of 2014 through the end of 2017 which was unprecedented at that point.

The infographic has been presented at multiple conferences since, including the EOS launch by Brock Pierce , and most recently, by Mikko Matsumura at CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise.

Mike also shared with us their findings while developing the infographic as well as the huge discrepancies between the data they were able to gather compared to what has been shared with the public.  He also shared his insights on how the lack of transparency is hindering the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market and how KYC, AML regulations, and Blockchain data can help the industry improve.

Lastly, Mike addressed the implications for private coins who don’t want to use the platform in terms of the choices they have and what the current law states since Elementus is all about transparency.


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🚀 Time Stamps!

01:49: How he got into Cryptocurrency

02:40: How Elementus came about

04:06: The idea and goal behind the development of the token sale infographic

05:57: Findings when the infographic was being developed

07:22: Effect of lack of transparency on the blockchain and cryptocurrency market

08:53: What Elementus does

11:04: How KYC and Anti-money laundering regulations can help

13:10: How Blockchain data can help improve the industry

15:48: Elementus’ goals for the future

18:45: Transparency’s impact


Find: Mike Kalomeni

Website: https://elementus.io/

Twitter: @elementus_io

Facebook: /elementus.io


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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