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by Luna vega November 09, 2018

We had our 5th installation of That Crypto Hustle meet up on Thursday, Sept 27th at Aticco in Barcelona.

Our panelists were;

Matt Aaron, from Humans of Bitcoin Podcast Network

Nuria Gutierrez Prunera, Co-Founder atElementus

Aleix Ordeig, CEO at Blockchain Institute and Technology

The topics on discussed were:

- Scalability

- Regulations


Matt is an organic agriculturist who self-taught himself into Bitcoin slightly over a year ago, Aleix has been in the industry for five years and says he is more into Blockchain for the business and tech part of it.

Aleix addressed the question of Blockchain as a ‘buzz thing’ that every company associates itself with. He mentioned there is a lot of back and forth within the Blockchain space  and we can only expect tangible developmental results beginning 2025.

Matt chipped in on the sort of ‘warring’ happening between different coin supporters and how we can ultimately get to an agreement through our shared goals and ideas. Matt feels we should stop the debates amongst ourselves and let the free market decide while we as developers focus on the goal.

Matt compares Blockchain to the internet and thinks we are as much going to grow with it just like we did with the internet – i.e, starting out with http and moving to the secure https. Today, we may not have many use case scenarios of Blockchain but we are certainly going to in the future. Aleix felt we’d need to put up more transparency and expertise to enable us leverage more on the Blockchain technology.

Can we do better with more programing languages? Aleix feels that for solidity, ‘Smart Contracts’ should be developed as a Blockchain language.

On regulations, Matt leans towards cryptos being be left to their own devices while Aleix prefers legislation to rid us of scams.

Whether we are looking at STOs as a solution for ICOs, Matt says STOs are different from ICOs and shouldn’t be in a competition while Aleix thinks STOs are a better and more secure path.

Would be interesting to hear how your thoughts align; Matt or Aleix?


🚀 Time Stamps!

02:23 Introductions

03:34 plugging in sponsors – LATOKEN and Elementus

06:00 Blockchain appetite and where it is today

08:08 Did you hear the Roger Bay Vs Jimmy Song debate?

08:34 Mass adoption, United front, individual coins battles

09:43 Agree to disagree!

10:07 Having better Blockchain use case

11:55 Aleix answers on need for better expertise

12:31  Building languages to help developers do more; case in point Smart contacts

13:54 Regulation Vs anti regulation. ICOs Vs STOs

15:09 Matt commented Cryptos can’t be stopped, only slowed

16:08 Aleix talks of tokenized shares, the Starbucks analogy

16:36 Benefits of tokenization

17:17 Matt explains difference between ICOs and CTOs


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Luna vega
Luna vega

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