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Ambassador Program


We're excited to partner with you and assist in helping you earn risk-free money from qualified sales.   This isn't your normal ambassador program where you sign up and you never hear from us again. You've worked hard to build your audience with amazing content and we know it's important to keep that content consistent for your audience. 

What this means is that we hope to assist in any way we can to help keep your affiliate posts centered around  your brand  AND optimized to drive traffic and sales.

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  • Joining is absolutely free!
  • We offer a generous 20 to 30% commission for every order depending on your level of influence! 
  • All visitors that you refer through your   TRACKABLE AFFILIATE LINK  come with a 14 day cookie period. This means if they visited the site via your link, they will have up to 14 days to complete a purchase for you to earn money! Most affiliate programs give you only 24 hours.
  • You can use your referral link on any social or website channel you wish. 
  • You're allowed to re-post ANY of our photos for your marketing, but we highly recommend tailoring the content to your brand. 
  • This is not a strict partnership, you can promote as much or as little as you want! Our highest earning affiliate partners have found that consistency,   not frequency, is the best way to protect their brand AND drive sales. Please don't spam your audience with affiliate post after affiliate post. 
  • If you wish to order one or more THAT CRYPTO HUSTLE products for your own posts we're happy to sell them at wholesale price. Please contact us directly and we will provide a private, one-time-use discount code.
  • Payout is through Paypal every Friday! Please register with your Paypal address. T his means NO WAITING a month or 2 months before you get paid like most affiliate programs.
  • Oh and we are excited to provide you with your own dashboard to track your visitors and sales generated! This can help identify what platform, types of content, times of day, etc... drive the most traffic and sales.
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