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by Luna vega July 24, 2019

The combination of blockchain technology and gaming creates a lot of opportunities for both industries especially when it comes to growth. Innovations in blockchain gaming have come a long way and are poised to sustain its progress as time progresses.


It’s not surprising how gamers were able to adapt to cryptocurrencies early on, given their familiarity with several virtual currency models, some of which they use in the games they play itself.  While this fusion between gaming and blockchain shows a lot of potential, there’s no question that there are still a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome when it comes to its development.


One of the highlights of the implementation of blockchain technology in gaming is with non-fungible assets, which can be anything from virtual cards to additional skins, anything that can be used in-game and is confirmed to be rare and scarce. With blockchain gaming, the authenticity of such items can now be guaranteed with the use of smart contract standards.


With everything that’s been happening around the world of blockchain gaming, it’s logical to ask what the future holds for this industry. Where is blockchain gaming headed? Our guest today, Jeff Zirlin, will help shed some light into this matter, having been part of the early days of Crypto Kitties as a player and now the co-founder of Axie Infinity, a game currently running in the ethereum blockchain.


Time stamps:  

2:15 Crypto Kitties early days and how Axie Infinity game took off.

05:45 Feedback from the blockchain gaming community.

07:48 What gaming could bring to social media?

11:20 The most expensive Axies and how Axie Infinity game works.

14:26 Integrating user generated content as next initiatives.

18:43 Future of blockchain gaming.

23:58 What other blockchain games we should know about?

28:27 How members get value out of the blockchain games.

30:28 Crypto Kitties community vs Axie Infinity community.




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Luna vega
Luna vega

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