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by Luna vega October 04, 2018

Wondering where is the best place to acquire EOS airdrops?  Kurt Braget from White Rabbit ICO shares his knowledge bombs with us.

Finding an EOS-specific airdrop isn’t a walk in the park. There are many different avenues you can take to find these airdrops, which means you have to take initiative. It’s an emerging market right now, so there isn’t one single source that can point you in the right direction.

The internet is your playground.

Google. Narrow down your Google searches to recent results, by tweaking the date.

Twitter. Search relevant hashtags to receive the latest talk about EOS airdrops.

Reddit. Find subreddits dedicated to EOS airdrops.

Facebook. Groups, like ‘EOS’ are always updating the community on the latest airdrop news.

Scouring the internet is the best way to independently and thoroughly search for airdrops, but maybe you want a more convenient solution. Kurt created EOSAirdrops.co, where he consolidates and tracks a list of over 100 airdrops and adds to them daily. He also recommends a similar site - EOSAirdrops.io. Another advantage of these sites is that they send reminders to keep you privy to any new developments.

An important thing to remember before you go on an airdrop hunt, make sure to have your wallet ready and loaded up with some EOS, so that you'll be eligible to collect tokens.

Speaking of wallets, what’s the best one on the market?

Word on the street is, GreyMass is the leading EOS wallet. But no EOS wallet is perfect. And, at the moment, some wallets don’t support every airdrop that comes in - which can be confusing to new users. It may appear that your wallet failed to collect an airdrop, but in actuality, it did collect it. In order to double-check that you did receive it, use an EOS block explorer. Plug in your public address and the explorer will show you what tokens you have there.

If this sounds too complicated - Kurt does mention that a new (top secret) wallet is coming soon - a wallet that is mobile and great for supporting EOS airdrops. So keep an eye out for the new wallet on the block.


What about EOS DApps?

Another way to find where the EOS drops are is by following along with the EOS DApps. Kurt suggests to check out EOSindex.io - which has a lot of DApps that are coming out on EOS. These DApps are usually associated with an airdrop.

GitHub might appear to be a good place to find DApps and airdrops, but Kurt says it is not a good discovery tool. However, you can use GitHub figure out which projects are worth getting involved in. GitHub has a feature that shows you which projects have more contributors. When you click on ‘pulse’ you can see how much activity is happening and whether a coin fizzling or not.

Kurt is currently looking at a DApp called KARMA. It was built by Dallas Rushing, a friend of his. Dallas and his team were recently featured on EOS.IO - a good source for looking at emerging DApps. They haven’t launched yet - but the concept behind the Karma token is interesting. A user might post about a mission or humanitarian task, and people who contribute can earn KARMA through that. The more good you do, the more KARMA you receive.

EOS airdrops may take a bit of practice to find, but by harnessing all the resources the internet has to offer - you can discover which ones are worth your time.


🚀 Time Stamps!

01:04: How to find EOS specific airdrops

02:05: Where to get an EOS wallet

03:22: EOS communities

04:03: EOS DApps

04:26: Is GitHub a good resource to see DApps that are coming out?

07:47: Which EOS DApp is Kurt currently looking at?

09:02: EOS based games


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