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by Luna vega March 08, 2018


In this episode of That Crypto Hustle, we interviewed Juan Garcia to learn everything there is to know about doing your Cryptocurrency Taxes. He explains which aspects of cryptocurrency trading will be taxable and more...

A great episode, for anyone living in the USA and trying to navigate the confusing IRS cryptocurrency taxes.

Also check-out Juan's new podcast >>


🚀Time-stamps! 01:00:

Intro 03:26: Major Taxes-Changes in the USA

05:26: Why the US gov will monitor past crypto transactions come after you

08:20: Some strategies to make trading cost effective

12:40: How big companies are working w ICO's & IRS

17:47: Doing your Crypto taxes without a CPA 18:38: How the exchanges don't accommodate tracking for now

20:51: DYOR

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Luna vega
Luna vega

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