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by Luna vega June 11, 2018

For a total newbie in the world of cryptocurrency, you must be going crazy with the tidal wave of information out there. From websites, to Twitter feeds and Slack channels, it can be difficult knowing where to begin.

Well, you've come to the right place. Our toolbox of resources is designed precisely to help you navigate the intimidating world of crypto. It appears that the countless hours of research and advice from fellow crypto-pioneers are finally paying off.

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    The Basics

    The first major obstacle you’re probably facing is the amount of jargon you have to familiarize yourself with. Sit back, relax, and absorb the crypto-speak.


    Coinbase – very easy to use and includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium.  Definitely a good place to start if you’re new to cryptocurrency. Sign up through this link and get $10 worth of Bitcoin for free.

    MetaMask – a Chrome extension that’s simple to use and works only with Ethereum.

    Jaxx – has a terrific mobile app and a really easy-to-learn interface. They also regularly add tokens which is a big plus so if you’re a fan of Coinbase and want to take it a notch higher, Jaxx is the best way to go.

    Purse – versatile because it allows you to do a lot of things with your crypto, such as help you shop with bitcoin/ether/or any of the leading cryptos. It also allows you tp secure everything you need from Amazon on its discount marketplace, saving you an average of 15%.

    It also helps you buy bitcoin using credit or debit and all you have to do is complete orders on Amazon.  Lastly, Purse works as a bitcoin wallet, helping you sell goods in exchange for bitcoin with a storefront.

    Uphold – is another cool alternative for buying bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.  Having the option to buy with a credit card makes it even better.

    ShapeShift – if exchanging tokens is something you’re into, ShapeShift is definitely for you because it allows you to exchange virtually any kind of token for another.  They also integrate well with Jaxx and does not require you to setup an account. Checkout this guide for additional help on ShapeShift.

    Binance – If you are in the unique position of using an exchange without holding your own keys and needing a token that Coinbase doesn’t sell, Binance is the way to go.  We’d like to remind you however, to conduct your own research and to always use a 2-factor authentication when necessary. Remember to also not leave any fund on an exchange longer than it should be.

    MyEtherWallet – this is one of my personal favorites as far as ERC20 (tokens built on Ethereum) is concerned.  The ease of use and the fantastic support is just what I need. I created a simple guide to set one up that you can view here

    Is Free Crypto Possible?

    We all love free stuff and if you want to get into cryptocurrency without shelling out some cash, don’t worry because it’s possible.  Below are some of the ways you can get free crypto:

    Cent - is another similar service and works pretty much like Quora where you get to answer questions from other users.  The only glaring difference is that you get paid in ETH for doing so which is a really cool way to get you some crypto.

    Airdrops – wouldn’t it be nice for crypto-companies to give out free tokens?  Airdrops has been used by companies like OmiseGo, Decred, and Authorship token to do so which is simply amazing.  If you want to get notifications on future airdrops, follow this Twitter feed .  We’d like to remind you again though, to conduct your own research before using the service and to never give out and personal information because scams are all over the internet waiting to capitalize on our mistakes. – If you can get free Bitcoin everytme you respond to messages, will you do it?  If the answer is yes then you are in for a surprise because allows you to do exactly just that.

    Conducting Research

    With so many scammers out there to pray on innocent newbies like you, you need to be armed with knowledge so you don’t easily fall for these scams.  Luckily, there are a ton of resources you can take advantage of to learn more about crypto. Below are some of them.

    Token Data – this BlockChannel partner program is a great resource if you’re looking for information about ICO returns and token prices.  With regular analyses of ICOs and a weekly newsletter, Token Data is a definite must-have for everyone who’s new to cryptocurrency.

    Blockchannel – is a Medium publication, podcast and Twitter channel that caters to everything crypto.  From awesome content to magnificent advice, they’ve got it all.

    The Bitcoin Podcast – is a podcast network dedicated to everything crypto.  With lots of shows to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find all the answers to all your lingering crypto-questions.

    Zastrin – also a BlockChannel partner, this site specializes on Solidity development.  They offer lots of tutorials about Ethereum that you will definitely need it you’re looking to become a Solidity developer in the near future.

    Slack/Telegram – yes, instant messaging platforms have also become valuable sources of information and these two are living proof.  You’ll be amazed with the kind of information they cover because they cater to the very basic questions down to the more complicated technical ones.  In short, they cover it all.

    Twitter – has a wealth of potential information sources right at your fingertips.  Simply follow crypto companies, CEOs and developers to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency.  We’ve also created a list of people you can follow to make it easy for you. Just click here.

    Coinmarketcap – If you like to track volume, amount in circulation, and prices or just about any token there is, Coinmarketcap is the best site I would recommend.

    CryptoCompare – use this site for serious, in-depth research.  I personally use it for looking up token definitions or when tracking my investments.  It’s one effective research and accounting tool you can’t afford not to use.

    Reddit – there are only a handful of subreddits I recommend and they are the following: r/CryptoMarkets , r/CryptoCurrency r/EthTrader , r/CryptoCurrencies , and  r/Bitcoin .

    While all of these resources are helpful in their own little way, we still encourage you to always do your own research.  What I do is collect information from each of these resources and come up with my own opinions after. I don’t take information I get from each of these sites at face value.  As someone new to cryptocurrency, you should do the same if you want to learn more about it.

    Luna vega
    Luna vega

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